The Udukuri tables are made following a Japanese technique called Udikuri, which highlights the inherent shapes of the timber. Thus, a higher contrast in the way the wood grain appears is achieved. Furthermore, different glazing and sanding techniques were applied to create very different chromatic variations The tables are made in wood board, oak edges and a stainless steel frame. Presented by Jonay.




 Finished in 100% environmentally friendly materials, Sandro Lopez’s Parallax table is designed to sit around, see and be seen. Its glass sheet also allows you to appreciate the depth of field of this table of almost sculptural proportions. Its particular shape makes this piece versatile to work well alone or in combination with chairs.



Although they are part of the same piece, they appear to be three individual items. At least that’s what the creator Gregorire Fforest thought when he made them out of embellished aluminum, giving them the appearance of three large water lilies. Like most of his furniture pieces, they are short production runs designed for those who appreciate good quality and finish. Photo by Jérome Golland.

Xobo Child's Furniture



 The three pieces that form the Xobo table reiterate the simplicity of its relief, reinforced by its sharp parts at different angles. A little envelope? made out of the same plastic plywood as the legs is used as an aid in any corner of the house. This piece is presented by Ventura Interior at the Biennale Interieur from designer Stephan Silver.

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