Ode to things

They define themselves as a micro-shop of good quality and carefully designed products for every day use – and their eye-catching slogan suits them perfectly well. Behind all their objects there is a careful selection of materials and delicate handcrafted execution. All their pieces, ranging from classic desktop objects to kitchen items, share the same functional and elegant qualities. Their creators also advocate for the accuracy and quality of products and objects that can become part of the decor of whichever room they are placed in.  www.odetothings.com


Turkish born Meliha Selen Ozturk acknowledged that for a long time Turkey had been exporting large quantities of handcrafted products to leading countries in the world of decoration and interior design (England, France, Italy, USA) so she decided to take the opportunity to put her her exquisite taste for decor and good native knowledge of artisanal products to good use and started her own brand to sale these products online.

After a quiet beginning, her business initiative was echoed in numerous international publications and has become a point of reference when it comes to promote and spread the word regarding products Made in Turkey. Her website accommodates and showcases all kinds of objects and home related products, always including the feature of handcrafted products made of natural materials. An online store to keep an eye on.


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