One of the idiosyncrasies that stands out the most when you visit any of the Nordic countries is the inhabitants’ veneration of sunlight. Their long winters, in which darkness dominates their lives, makes them genuine light fanatics.

Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken knows exactly what we are talking about and it is perhaps because of this that his first work, since he opened his studio in 2008, focused on the study of shadow play and the influence of artificial light on objects and, consequently, on the human mind.

It was a positive outlook on artificial light, which could be cleverly controlled and redirected in new ways, leading to unseen luminous situations.

Between 2007 and 2010, Daniel immersed himself in his most personal projects, discovering new methods and techniques for controlling light at will. This period produced Daylight comes Sideways (2007), Subconscious Effect of Daylight (2009) and Aluminium Mirror (2009), among others.

Since then, brands such as Luceplan and Asplun have taken up a large part of his time, although research continues to play an important role in his works. For them he creates lamps that are different or have a story to tell, but his most artistic side is still committed to new formats, limited editions and projects where he can let his creativity run wild.

Fotos. Kalle Sanner&Damiel Rybakken& Alessandro Ruffini

Espejo tintado

Tinted mirror

Proyecto Color

Color project

Lámpara Tray para Asplund

Light Try for Asplund

Instalación Layers

Layers instalation

Espejo de aluminio

Aluminum mirror 1 and 2

Modelo Compendium para Luceplan

Luceplan Compendium model

Lámpara Stochastic para Luceplan

Stochastic lamp  for  Luceplan

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