Experimenting with materials and observing the possibilities offered by working with them, moulding them at will and offering variations on a single design are some of the notions considered by designer Martina Lasinger, a young Austrian who has been living in Holland for some years, when she tackles a new project. And it is precisely in this research that she combines concepts as complex as perspective, geometry and illusion to create different objects and sometimes sculptures in movement.

I firmly believe that an object can be influenced by the observer’s mood. I also think that it is vital that the observer’s eyes are guided to create certain patterns.

In the case of my ceramic work, like this stool, its purpose is to induce a meditative state. Research and philosophy are the foundation of my work.

And Martina applies this introspection in all her facets because her eagerness to learn and discover the spirituality of her work leads her to use new production techniques and find new materials to develop.

“I hope that within a couple of years I’ll be able to reveal everything I’ve achieved with this research. I’m already beginning to see results, particularly because I’ve change the way I see things. Now I think big; I don’t limit my creative potential. Thinking beyond the boundaries of a single object is seeing things with a wide perspective, Martina says.

In this case, the similarity between the finish of this stool and the texture of human skin is obvious. The designer has made the material being used appear differently to how we are used to seeing it.


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