Designer portrait in her workshop.

The primary objective of the majority of processes that use old materials to create new products is to reuse old components and establish a new form of use with new and original creations, and almost always from an eco-friendly perspective. Paper, fabrics, plastic or wood, among many others, find in this process a new commercial destination, creating a new range of commercial products that also attract a large number of environmentally-conscientious followers.

Within this process of new approaches is Hungarian graphic artist and designer Rita Koralevics. She discovered the enormous potential of reusing old newspapers and magazines to create a paste made primarily of paper pulp that allowed her to create small productions of objects; a component that has a lot in common with the traditional papier-mâché. This was the beginning of Paper Up, a small production of objects made of paper pulp, largely decorative, but quality and well designed, from which came various vases and containers and even a lamp.

Work done by the designer with cement paste for her own brand of Paper Up products.

“Discovering and experimenting throughout this process has been very inspiring, because with each creation you discover new parameters of design and exploration that you previously did not know. The end result of each object, made entirely by hand, changed because they acquired a character of their own that made them unique”.

But the urge to evolve as a designer, and as a business, and her tireless dedication, led Rita to create a new line of objects, after an arduous research process, made of a new material: paper-cement. With it, as well as adjusting the technical aspects of her previous production, she was able to add the impermeability and the strength of cement to the lightness of paper, in pieces such as containers for liquids, bottles or jars.

Vase container finished in pink color stick.

The same container in gray.

Currently, Rita is working to apply this same material to a collection of tiles for walls, which as well as thermal insulation, would function as acoustic panels.

Photos: Szabo Barnabas/PaperUp

Dome lamps, Curl Up vessel unmolding and polishing and finishing detail.

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