With a fresh, at times delirious aesthetic, filled with colour and simple lines, neopop is how we would classify the work of creative graphic duo Brosmind Studio; a studio in Barcelona captained by Huesca brothers Juan and Alejandro Mingarro, whose work – mostly in the field of advertising – requires a strong dose of humour to work correctly.

They form a creative tandem which, being family, has its good and bad sides. The positive, as they themselves make clear, comes from them having drunk from the same sources of inspiration, sharing most of their visual references. The negative? The inevitable creative disputes which, as artists, they confess they use to raise the bar. The best thing to have come out of all these years? They have achieved a creative style that’s easily recognisable and clear to anyone who speaks their language. “It’s a double-edged sword. Having a very distinctive style means that, when a client needs this kind of material, they think of us straight away. On the other hand, it’s true that on occasions we’ve had to turn down projects when we can’t find a way to fit them into our field. We operate very well on commissions where the client is looking for a colourful and optimistic result,” says Juan.

Furthermore, the brothers agree that their “pieces” require a second look. It’s not easy to unpack all their expressive language at a glance. “Despite what our style might suggest at first glance, there’s always some depth to it, and a number of possible readings that can be found in successive viewings,” they say.

And though most of their work incorporates a digital touch at the end of the process, the pair works by hand, with pencil and paper, in the old-fashioned way. “Using a pencil is anecdotal; the important thing for us is to do it by hand, manually. We believe that doing so permeates the work with personality, a very special warmth. “Of course, over the years the lines become more precise and perfect,” they say. Added to this is their joint work, which is not divided, but rather involves two pairs of hands on a blank canvas. On the contrary, they say that this method of working enriches their work, managing a balance that would be hard to achieve separately.

To implement their work in the studio, and so as not to be left on the side-lines of technology, the Mingarro brothers are starting to animate their illustrations, particularly because it is increasingly a requirement from their clients. “We’re living in an era where everything needs to be moving, even on a small scale. That’s something we have to take into account,” they say.

As brothers, Brosmind Studio are very clear about their obsessions and objectives at a professional level. This is attested to by their numerous awards and important clients. On a personal level, just as they did as children, they explore disciplines that complement their creativity, such as lectures, seminars, short videos… “In today’s society, there’s no need to be multidisciplinary; you can choose the path where it best suits you to explore your creativity. We’ve flirted with different techniques and disciplines, but commercially we specialise in a very specific style of illustration. It’s two sides of the same coin,” they say from their studio.

Fotos: BROSMIND/ Andoni Beristain


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