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After many years dedicated to celebrating the culture, art, design and food of countries such as Japan and Brazil, now it’s the turn of the New York borough Brooklyn. Fashion designers, ceramists, chefs, experts in textiles and furniture, upholsterers…over a hundred design professionals are descending on Paris in order to take part in Brooklyn Rive Gauche, this year’s autumn cultural theme at department store Le Bon Marché, which will continue until October 17.

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Everything in the exposition is inspired by this well-known part of New York. Brooklyn is an area known for its alternative population that has come to represent a kind of counter culture to the elitist Manhattan ever since it made a name for itself on the international artistic and creative scene. The neighbourhood seems to have invented a whole new way of living and approaching life, by focussing on previously neglected elements such as handmade, bohemian, vintage and organic products.

Inside of the expo

It was also in Brooklyn that a new movement began in support of small-scale producers over big brands. Over the last few years, the borough has surpassed Manhattan as the creative centre of the contemporary design scene and become the natural home of innovation.

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This spotlight on Brooklyn is a great opportunity to discover over a hundred promising brands started by bright young talents that are bringing their products over to Europe for the first time.

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The designer Forrest Levinger


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