Specialists in letting, inspired by traditional signs written in chalk on slate, Viennese studio Books Ink (Claudia Wiesinger+Stefan Ellerich) have spent two years using this particular format to create their best hallmark of presentation; a method that perfectly defines their methodology and style in their work, and which they feel fully defines them.

“Arriving at this business identity was no easy task. It’s the result of many hours and nights of work, of testing, and continuous attempts to find our true passion. It was also in these moments when our most personal concerns came to light, and when we discovered that Stefan was most interested in the binding, and myself in calligraphy and lettering by hand,” says Claudia.

From then on, their presence in the local market with their early works confirmed their good judgement in their new activity. Later, they needed to find a name, logo and business identity to strengthen the brand. That was when Books Ink was born. “The name perfectly combines the two aspects that we work with: books and art works in ink,” says the designer.

Two years after those early beginnings, Books Ink serves as both a brand and a company; they know each other so well that their work flows naturally, without the need for questions or concerns.

“We don’t need any particularly intensive forward planning, nor do we have a method that we apply to each of our projects. There’s just a combination of ideas, and from there comes a number of different ways to carry them out,” says Claudia.

Fans of history, architecture, old movies and classical music, the pair also has the added advantage of living and working in Vienna. “We’re lucky to be surrounded by history everywhere we go, to live in a city with so much to tell. It contributes positively to the creativity you find whenever you walk through the streets of Vienna,” they say.

Working in this discipline requires that, even if you have your own style, you still always remain on high alert. “In this work everything moves so fast, and what was cool yesterday might be out of style tomorrow. We saw this when we added colour to our calligraphy. Colour adds another expressive dimension to your work,” says Claudia.

Dream projects? “We’d love to do the lettering for a movie. We’re big fans of black and white movies, and every night our flat becomes an improvised cinema where we watch the 100 best movies on IMDB. Designing a shop or café wouldn’t be bad either, and we also haven’t ruled our opening our own coffee shop,” they say.

t’s true to say that they always enjoy delivering a project to a client, and feeling the satisfactory result of having done a good job. “We love working with clients and helping them to visualise their ideas. We also enjoy creating the orders in the online store. What we enjoy the least is anything to do with accounting, or planning and organising things – that’s a real bore,” they say.

In any case, custom orders or more personal projects are a fantastic combination, from which new ideas and concepts arise. “We also see this in our method of working, which perfectly combines manual work, perhaps more artisanal work, with finishing on the computer. Often it’s the clients who require a specific type of finishing (flyers, corporate designs…), and they’re always looking for perfection, which is easier to achieve with a computer,” they say.

Photos: Books Ink


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