Having become a designer-artist, Ariele Alasko combines in her work the arts of traditional sculptors and carvers: a process she began when she decided to make her first designs thinking of her small apartment… Her pieces contain compelling designs and graphics.

Photo: Ariele Alasko

Ariele Alasko


With a simple construction, the TripoHex table, whose pieces support each other, rediscovers the essence of traditional wooden seats. Its function is to serve as a place to hold small items. Due to its dimensions, it could even be used as a stool. It is made of oak wood and is a design by Marc Morro for AOO Barcelona.


he Pack series of tables consists of several simple components: ribbon loops, wooden slats in different heights and two tops of different shapes, but with the same perimeter. Its exceptional finish allows you to assemble these elements to create pieces of different shapes and sizes. The modular system emphasises the individuality, longevity and renewal of the materials. Created by Alei Verspoor studio.

Photography: Blacktropok

Alei Verspoor


Falcon is a coffee table made of a painted aluminium sheet, lacquered wood and brass. Its design is based around the concept of transformation and efficiency, the goal being an extremely functional design. It has two positions – folded and open – that transform its appearance and characteristics. It is the work of designer Adolfo Abejón.

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