This is Material Soul – a new project. A digital magazine that wants to tal about materialization of dreams and the process to make them come true. Here we are with the vocation to be the voice for al who, from their studios, dream to offer products full of novelty and energy.
We put our focus on the humble, personal and dedicated, far from the big producer’s reach, and with special care on small batches, unique objects and automanaged productions.
We also love materials, processes and pojects’ genesis. We wish to become the echo of future classics and the storefront where to see and be seen. We are counting on you, with your support and advice.
We will be here each month to, step by step, little by little, become the reference about everything that moves globally.

Welcome to the place where the soul turns into matter.



Goito Paradelo

Creative Director
Fernando Arango

Translation Boardnamed

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