Inspired by the handmade artisan products, and the testing of materials and their behaviour, the first table collection from Aoomi Studio focuses on stones and minerals. Hence its rough, basic, telluric and somewhat primitive appearance. Though it features different finishes, the different groups can be combined to coexist perfectly together.




Sitting down at the table has become, as well as a social act, a process in which new experiences can arise. With the aim of transmitting a new discourse, these designers transform their creations in the face of new requirements. The line A Table, by young French designer Ferreol Babin for Atipico, has interpreted these requirements with a simple, clean and sensitive design, with a new and pure language.



With a vitreous texture, reminiscent of the glazed appearance of sweets, designer Emma Buckley has managed to translate to ceramics the colours that are more characteristic of textiles, applying the same techniques that are applied to fabrics. The result is very tactile, pure and colourful.


00_Emma-Buckley--Dye-Lines--Bath-Spa-University--Low-Res_1634 2
Luis Vega


Mexican designer Luis Vega had the opportunity to discover the ceramic and wood working methods of the artisan populations of two locations in the state of Oaxaca, Santa Cecilia Jalieza and San Marcos, to later produce his own series of pieces under the Oaxaca Series.


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