INSIDE NORTH KOREA - By Oliver Wainwright/Julius Wiedemann

Making visible the unknown and surprising aesthetics of a country like North Korea, which until recently was hidden behind its political wall, has been a laborious task for Guardian journalist and photographer Oliver Wainwright. His work manages to break down barriers and, through his lens, bring us a surprising and unique world.


VERNER PANTON - By Ida Engholm, Anders Michelsen

The work of this Danish designer and visionary requires no introduction, especially some of his most recognisable pieces. However, not everyone who admires his work knows that he was a transgressor who wanted to transform the vision of the furniture of the future. On this occasion, it includes a large number of images, sketches and personal photographs which demonstrate his great creativity and ambition to change the aesthetic sense of the era.


THE STUFF OF LIVE - By Hilary Robertson

Learn how to place objects in your home or how to get the most of their order and presentation. In this volume, British stylist Hilary Robertson – considered one of the best – reveals how to use our most valued objects, the variety of possible locations and several of the different styles that can be used. “Some people are magpies – they love stuff; finding, collecting and displaying it.”

WANT A HOME YOU LOVE - By Anna-Carin McNamara

The Swedish designer of international prestige is an enthusiastic supporter of the Nordic style and the patterns that define it. Having founded an interior design company in Australia, she is now writing her first book, in which she breaks down her preferences and offers a new set of rules for success… “Because your home and the spaces in which you spend your time influence your productivity, creativity and inspiration.”



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