Most designers and current design studios have opted for a new business and expansion model that is changing the tide in the world of design.

Until now, many of their products were simply forgotten because they could not find a producer to take many of their proposals to the market or they found they were losing control of certain designs when they were sold to a large producer.

Obra de Peter Marigold

Peter Marigold piece

 Juego de té de Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon tea set

Taburetes de Pedro Feduchi

Pedro Feduchi stools


“For many of them, the pieces they produce say more and better things about the creator, their mind and their hands express the intention and the message more accurately”


Mueble de jardín de Mecedorama

Medorama seat

Increasingly, also as a result of the crisis, it is the designers themselves who are taking charge of the whole process. The self-production model has arrived, where the creator is also involved in the production, marketing and sales processes for their designs. This means that they also become entrepreneurs, taking a further step into the world of business.

Vasos de Loris&Livia

Loris&Livia glasses

“This has occurred for several reasons; public demand, people’s fascination for hand-crafted products, an impatience to see their product finished, the need to demonstrate that the process is viable, a desire to experiment or because of the freedom of seeking personal solutions”, says the exposition’s curator, Ana Domínguez Siemens.

Lámpara Giardinetto de Jordi Ganudas

Giardinetto lamp from Jordi Ganudas

3-IN-ONE. Designers, producers and entrepreneurs, which is presented at D-Espacio, the contemporary design exhibition space at CentroCentro Cibeles in Madrid, includes a selection of products from designers such as Álvaro Catalán de Ocón, Andreu Carulla and Cristian Montesinos, among others.

Envases de Andreu Carulla

Andreu Carulla containers

Until 20 September.

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