MAKING BOOKS - By Simon Goode and Ira Yonemura

Artisanal work is experiencing a lively period, covering all kinds of possibilities. And the world of publishing is not remaining on the sidelines. In this book, the authors – founders of the London Centre for Books Arts – describe the methods for creating books by hand, and reveal an activity that is gaining ground again in the work of many artists and designers.



Pastel colours, hyper-realistic murals, gilded accessories, diffuse light… these are some of the tools that designers, architects and restorers used to create a new atmosphere, ensuring their leisure and dining locations become aesthetic landmarks throughout the world. This volume reviews the newest spaces for their aesthetic techniques.


THE NEW CHIC - By Marie Kalt & The Editors

What is the new French chic, and who are its best champions? This publication takes a look back and analyses this current aesthetic that has ruled interior design for years, and examines the most important names and pieces from the designers who best represent it. Essential and curious facts the understand a trend that is returning with force.


GARDEN CITY - By Anna Yudina

The worlds of interior design and new architecture cannot be correctly understood without first taking into account the contemporary importance of the plant world. From private homes to the most modern skyscrapers, the current environmental boom is everywhere, and the green world forms an important part of the most interesting concepts. Garden City takes a look at more than 100 projects exploring the relationship between new cities and the plant world.




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