GIO PONTI - S. Bouilhet-Dumas/D.Forest/S.Licitra

Originally published in French, with an English version, this catalogue published by the museum itself deserves recognition for being the first time that a retrospective of this Italian author has been held on Gallic territory. For this reason, it’s a great opportunity to pick up a copy that reviews his work from the 1920s to the 70s. A unique edition with previously unpublished images.


MODERN SPACES - By Nicolas Grospierre

The prestigious Swiss photographer reveals in a unique photographic selection a catalogue of 20th century modernist houses that share common characteristics. With a careful presentation, the compiled images show the aesthetic characteristics of the buildings of this period, from private dwellings to public buildings around the world.



A group of emerging and established architects present in this volume a personal vision of how to adapt a home to a habitat as unique as a desert. Curious ideas and original approaches to take note of and apply going forward.


BOSPHORUS PRIVATE - By Nevbahan Koç and Irem Kinay

The Bosphorus is a privileged enclave of world culture and history. This book reveals the sophisticated and rich architectural showcase that this privileged area of the planet has developed. A tour of the best private houses along the coast.




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